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We are Raveyard, we are 16 game maker students from Malmö, Sweden. As part of our programme, we got together and made three games together. This is our second game, saveTheWorld.exe.

This is a game made over the course of 15 weeks half time at The Game Assembly Malmö. The engine is custom-made, and the base was carried over from our last project: Spite: Into the Ratacombs.

On an isolated island, the entire robot population has gone mad! You - a B9 Human Companion Unit - have been recruited to solve the crisisArmed with only a pistol and your witsyou are the only one who can stop this madness.

Walk through the dimly lit shipyard and into the server room. The mainframe can't be far ahead. But are you doing the right thing?


saveTheWorld.exe Launcher

Install instructions

The download is a launcher, which will in turn download the game and keep it up to date.


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