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We are Raveyard, we are 17 game maker students from Malmö, Sweden. As part of our programme, we got together and made three games together. This is our first game, Spite: Into the Ratacombs.

This is a game made over the course of 15 weeks half time at The Game Assembly Malmö. The engine is custom-made and had to be made from scratch for this project. We would continue to upgrade and use this engine for saveTheWorld.exe and Dale the Dragon Detective: Murder at Dungeon Mountain.

mysterious hero arrives at disease-ridden catacombs to confront the unworldly lackeys of Pestilence and save the country from descending into the evil grasp of the plague.

In this game, you play as a brave faceless protagonist, tasked with taking down the plague that has spread through the lands. At first, it seems managable, but the deeper you delve into the catacombs, the more eerie it all becomes. Fight your way through hordes of zombies and rats and take down Pestilence himself in a dire showdown. 


Spite Launcher

Install instructions

The download is a launcher, which will in turn download the game and keep it up to date.

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